#GOTS8E3 Scene: Watch The Night King High-fiving Arya Stark

Winter is here!

So finally the greatest battle of all time has been won, the Night King has fallen and a "girl now has a name!"

Who would have taught little Arya would be the one to come face to face with the Night King and ending his miserable life with just a Catspaw Dagger? Did you see it coming?

Well we can talk about that in comment. Meanwhile, I have a very short video showing Arya Stark and the Night King fighting on screen but high-fiving behind the scenes.

Did you ever imagine a scene of the Night King high-fiving Arya Stark?

Shocking of it all was the ending part of the clip where the Night King was seen moving his lips!!!

The cast of Game of Thrones in the short clip also expressed how they felt after Arya defeated the Night King.

Watch the video

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