COVID-19 Current Affairs Quiz: February 14 – March 4, 2020



1. What is the full meaning of the acronym NCDC?

A. National Center for Disease Control
B. Nigeria Centre and Departmental Control
C. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control
D. None of the above

2. Coronavirus is officially codenamed as

A. COV-19

3. The first confirmed case of coronavirus in Nigeria was announced on

A. February 25, 2020
B. February 26, 2020
C. February 27, 2020
D. February 28, 2020

4. The first index case of coronavirus in Nigeria is from

A. China
B. Italy
C. South Korea
D. Germany

5. In Nigeria, the body solely responsible for infection prevention and control is known as

A. Federal Ministry of Health

6. What is the full meaning of the acronym IDH

A. Infectious Disease Hospital
B. Internally Displaced Hospital
C. International Drug Hospital
D. Internally Displaced Homes

7. What is the name of the Director-General of the Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC)?

A. Dr Osagie Ehanire
B. Dr John Oladejo
C. Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu
D. Dr. Yakubu Abdullahi

8. The first known and confirmed case of coronavirus in Africa was reported in

A. Nigeria
B. Algeria
C. Egypt
D. Morocco

9. The second country in sub-Saharan Africa to confirm coronavirus case is

A. Senegal
B. Nigeria
C. Tunisia
D. Algeria

10. Aside Nigeria how many other African countries have confirmed case(s) of coronavirus? Name them.

A. 5
B. 3
C. 7
D. 6

11. The World Health Organization, WHO renamed coronavirus (2019-nCOV) to COVID-19 on

A. February 11, 2020
B. January 31, 2020
C. December 31, 2019
D. February 10, 2020

12. What is the name of Director-General of WHO and when was he appointed?

A. Dr Lee Jong-wook, appointed on 4 March 2017
B. Dr Tedros Adhanom, appointed on 1 July 2017
C. Dr Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti, appointed on 3 August 2017
D. Dr Albert Adhanom, appointed on 2 July 2017

13. What is the correct website of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)?


14. The coronavirus outbreak was declared a Public Health Emergency of International Concern by WHO on

A. 31 January 2020
B. 30 January 2020
C. 11 February 2020
D. 28 February 2020

15. The first footballer and first Nigerian to test positive to coronavirus is known as

A. King Paul Akpan Udoh
B. Martins Olomu
C. Ikenna Onyebueze
D. Mohammed Sani

16. How many states in Nigeria as at March 4, 2020 have recorded suspected cases of COVID-19?

A. 5
B. 4
C. 3
D. 6

17. What is the full meaning the acronym EOC?

A. Emergency Operations Control
B. Emergency Operations Centre
C. Emergency Output Centre
D. Emergency Operations Commission

18. What is the estimated incubation period for COVID-19?

A. 1-7 days
B. 1-10 days
C. 1-14 days
D. 24 hours

19. What is the official website address of the World Health Organization (WHO)?


20. Which of the following is the correct website address of the Federal Ministry of Health?



1. C – Nigeria Centre for Disease Control

2. C – COVID-19

3. C – 27 February 2020 (The Minister of Health Dr Osagie Ehanire made the announcement in a press release on February 28, 2020)

4. B – Italy ( The Italian man flew into Lagos, Nigeria on 24th February 2020 aboard Turkish Airlines)

5. D – NCDC – Nigeria Center for Disease Control

6. A – Infectious Disease Hospital located at Yaba, Lagos State.

7. C – Dr Chikwe Ihekweazu

8. C – Egypt on February 14, 2020

9. A – Senegal

10. A – Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia

11. A – February 11, 2020

12. B – Dr Tedros Adhanom, appointed on 1 July 2017

13. C –

14. B – 30 January 2020

15. A – King Paul Akpan Udoh

16. B – The four states according to NCDC are : Ogun, Lagos, FCT and Kano

17. B – Emergency Operations Centre

18. C – 1-14 days

19. D – www.

20. C –

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