May 2020 Timeline for Coronavirus Pandemic in Nigeria


Here are coronavirus timeline for May 2020. This page will keep updating till last day of the month.

1/05/2020238 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 92-Kano, 36-FCT, 30-Lagos, 16-Gombe, 10-Bauchi, 8-Delta, 6-Oyo, 5-Zamfara, 5-Sokoto, 4-Ondo, 4-Nasarawa, 3-Kwara, 3-Edo, 3-Ekiti, 3-Borno, 3-Yobe, 2-Adamawa, 1-Niger, 1-Imo, 1-Ebonyi, 1-Rivers, 1-Enugu.2388 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 351 discharged and 68 dead.
2/05/2020220 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 62-Lagos, 52-FCT, 31-Kaduna, 13-Sokoto, 10-Kebbi, 9-Yobe, 6-Borno, 5-Edo, 5-Bauchi, 4-Gombe, 4-Enugu, 4-Oyo, 3-Zamfara, 2-Nasarawa, 2-Osun, 2-Ebonyi, 2-Kwara, 2-Kano, 2-Plateau.2388 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 385 discharged and 85 dead.
3/05/2020170 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 39-Lagos, 29-Kano, 24-Ogun, 18-Bauchi, 15-Kaduna, 12-FCT, 12-Sokoto, 8-Katsina, 7-Borno, 3-Nasarawa, 2-Adamawa, 1-Oyo2558 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 400 discharged and 87 dead.
4/05/2020245 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 76-Lagos, 37-Katsina, 32-Jigawa, 23-Kano, 19-FCT, 18-Borno, 10-Edo, 9-Bauchi, 6-Adamawa, 5-Oyo, 5-Ogun, 1-Ekiti, 1-Osun, 1-Benue, 1-Niger, 1-ZamfaraAs at 11:45pm, 5th of May 2020, 2802 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 417 discharged and 93 dead.
5/05/2020148 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 43-Lagos, 32-Kano, 14-Zamfara, 10-FCT, 9-Katsina, 7-Taraba, 6-Borno, 6-Ogun,5-Oyo, 3-Edo, 3-Kaduna, 3-Bauchi, 2-Adamawa,2-Gombe, 1-Plateau, 1-Sokoto, 1-KebbiAs at 11:40pm, 5th of May 2020, 2950 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 481 discharged and 98 dead.
6/05/2020195 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria:
82-Lagos, 30-Kano, 19-Zamfara, 18-Sokoto, 10-Borno, 9-FCT, 8-Oyo, 5-Kebbi, 5-Gombe, 4-Ogun, 3-Katsina, 1-Kaduna, 1-Adamawa
As at 6th of May 2020, there are 3145 confirmed cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 534 discharged and 103 dead.
7/05/2020381 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 183-Lagos, 55-Kano, 44-Jigawa, 19-Zamfara, 19-Bauchi, 11-Katsina, 9-Borno, 8-Kwara, 7-Kaduna, 6-Gombe, 5-Ogun, 4-Sokoto,, 3-Oyo, 3-Rivers, 2-Niger, 1-Akwa Ibom, 1-Enugu, 1-PlateauAs at 7th May 2020, there are 3526 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 601 discharged and 107 dead.
8/05/2020386 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria:
176-Lagos, 65-Kano, 31-Katsina, 20-FCT, 17-Borno, 15-Bauchi, 14-Nasarawa, 13-Ogun, 10-Plateau, 4-Oyo, 4-Sokoto, 4-Rivers, 3-Kaduna, 2-Edo, 2-Ebonyi, 2-Ondo,1-Enugu, 1-Imo, 1-Gombe, 1-Osun
As at 8th May 2020, there are 3912 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 679 discharged and 117 dead.
9/05/2020239 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 97-Lagos, 44-Bauchi, 29-Kano, 19-Katsina,
17-Borno, 7-FCT, 6-Kwara, 5-Oyo, 3-Kaduna, 3-Sokoto, 2-Adamawa,
2-Kebbi, 2-Plateau
2-Ogun, 1-Ekiti.
As at Saturday 09 May, 2020 there are 4151 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 745 discharged and 128 dead.
10/05/2020248 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 81-Lagos,
35-Jigawa, 26-Borno, 26-Kano, 20-Bauchi, 13-FCT,
12-Edo, 10-Sokoto
7-Zamfara, 4-Kwara, 4-Kebbi, 2-Gombe, 2-Taraba,
2-Ogun, 2-Ekiti, 1-Osun, 1-Bayelsa
As at Sunday 10 May, 2020 there are 4399 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 778 discharged and 143 dead.
11/05/2020242 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 88-Lagos, 64-Kano, 49-Katsina, 13-Kaduna, 9-Ogun, 6-Gombe, 4-Adamawa, 3-FCT, 1-Ondo, 1-Oyo, 1–Rivers, 1-Zamfara, 1-Borno, 1-Bauchi.As at Monday 11 May, 2020 there are 4641 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 902 discharged and 150 dead.
12/05/2020146 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 57-Lagos, 27-Kano, 10-Kwara, 9-Edo, 8-Bauchi, 7-Yobe, 4-Kebbi, 4-Oyo, 3-Katsina, 3-Niger, 2-Plateau, 2-Borno, 2-Sokoto, 2-Benue, 1-Gombe, 1-Enugu, 1-Ebonyi, 1-Ogun, 1-FCT, 1-RiversAs at Tuesday 12 May, 2020 there are 4787 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 959 discharged and 158 dead.
13/05/2020184 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 51-Lagos, 23-Jigawa, 16-Bauchi, 16-Katsina, 14-Kano, 10-FCT, 10-Rivers, 9-Kwara, 5-Delta, 5-Kaduna, 4-Sokoto, 4-Oyo, 3-Kebbi, 3-Nasarawa, 3-Osun, 2-Ondo, 1-Ebonyi, 1-Edo, 1-Enugu, 1-Anambra, 1-Plateau, 1-NigerAs at Wednesday 13 May, 2020 there are 4971 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1070 discharged and 164 dead.
14/05/2020193 new cases #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 58-Lagos, 46-Kano, 35-Jigawa, 12-Yobe, 9-FCT, 7-Ogun, 5-Plateau, 5-Gombe, 4-Imo, 3-Edo, 3-Kwara, 3-Borno, 1-Bauchi, 1-Nasarawa, 1-OndoAs at Thursday 14 May, 2020 there are 5162 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1180 discharged and 167 dead.
15/05/2020288 new cases #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 179-Lagos, 20-Kaduna, 15-Katsina, 15-Jigawa, 13-Borno, 11-Ogun, 8-Kano, 7-FCT, 4-Niger, 4-Ekiti, 3-Oyo, 3-Delta, 3-Bauchi, 2-Kwara, 1-Edo.As at Friday 15 May, 2020 there are 5445 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1320 discharged and 171 dead.
16/05/2020176 new cases #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 95-Lagos, 31-Oyo, 11-FCT, 8-Niger, 8-Borno, 6-Jigawa, 4-Kaduna, 3-Anambra, 2-Edo, 2-Rivers, 2-Nasarawa, 2-Bauchi, 1-Benue, 1-Zamfara.As at Saturday 17 May, 2020 there are 5621 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1472 discharged and 176 dead.
17/05/2020338 new cases #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 177-Lagos, 64-Kano, 21-FCT, 16-Rivers, 14-Plateau, 11-Oyo, 9-Katsina, 4-Jigawa, 4-Kaduna, 3-Abia, 3-Bauchi, 3-Borno, 2-Gombe, 2-Akwa Ibom, 2-Delta, 1-Ondo, 1-Kebbi, 1-Sokoto.As at Sunday 18 May, 2020 there are 5959 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1594 discharged and 182 dead.
18/05/2020216 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 74-Lagos, 33-Katsina, 19-Oyo, 17-Kano, 13-Edo, 10-Zamfara, 8-Ogun, 8-Gombe, 8-Borno, 7-Bauchi, 7-Kwara, 4-FCT, 3-Kaduna, 3-Enugu, 2-RiversAs at Monday 19 May, 2020 there are 6175 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1644 discharged and 191 dead.
19/05/2020226 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 131-Lagos, 25-Ogun, 15-Plateau, 11-Edo, 7-Kaduna, 6-Oyo, 5-FCT, 5-Adamawa, 4-Jigawa, 4-Ebonyi, 4-Borno, 3-Nasarawa, 2-Bauchi, 2-Gombe ,1-Enugu, 1-BayelsaAs at Tuesday 20 there are 6401 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1734 discharged and 192 dead.
20/05/2020284 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 199-Lagos, 26-Rivers, 19-Oyo, 8-FCT, 8-Borno, 7-Plateau, 6-Jigawa, 5-Kano, 2-Abia, 1-Ekiti, 1-Delta, 1-Kwara, 1-TarabaAs at Wednesday 21 there are 6677 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1840 discharged and 200 dead.
21/05/2020339 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria: 139-Lagos, 28-Kano, 28-Oyo, 25-Edo, 22-Katsina, 18-Kaduna, 14-Jigawa, 13-Yobe, 13-Plateau, 11-FCT, 8-Gombe, 5-Ogun, 4-Bauchi, 4-Nasarawa, 3-Delta, 2-Ondo, 1-Rivers, 1-AdamawaAs at Thursday 21 there are 7016 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 1907 discharged and 211 dead.
22/05/2020245 new cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria; 131-Lagos 16-Jigawa 13-Ogun 12-Borno 9-Kaduna 9-Oyo 9-Rivers 9-Ebonyi 8-Kano 7-Kwara 5-Katsina 3-Akwa Ibom 3-Sokoto 2-Bauchi 2-Yobe 1-Anambra 1-Gombe 1-Niger 1-Ondo 1-Plateau 1-FCT 1-BayelsaAs at Friday 22 there are 7261 cases of #COVID19 in Nigeria, 2007 discharged and 221 dead.

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