Top Nigeria Newspaper Headlines: 09-May-2020

Rats are infecting humans with hepatitis E Virus, means of transmission not known

The most recent case came a week ago; a 61-year-old man with abnormal liver function tested positive on April 30. And there might be hundreds more…

Nigeria, four others, top list of countries with high COVID-19 cases and deaths

The Africa Centre for Disease Control (Africa CDC) on Friday, May 8, 2020 said disclosed that South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Nigeria top…

Full list of Lagos State LGAs with highest COVID-19 cases

Abayomi said the State was using the data to plan its strategies and where to place increased surveillance and isolation capacity. The Lagos State Government,…

Lagos Oldest Judge, Isiaka Isola Oluwa, dies at 102

Justice Oluwa was the judge, who sentenced Lagos socialite, Alhaji Jimoh Isola, a.k.a Ejigbadero, to death for murder of a farmer, Raji Oba, over a land dispute in 1975.

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